Adding the Maestro Rr: Digital Gauges

5 Gauges with the option of displaying:
Distance to empty
Engine Load
Engine coolant temp
Engine oil temp
Exhaust gas temp
External air temp
Fuel pressure
Instantaneous fuel economy
Intake air temp
Intake manifold air pressure
Mass air flow
Throttle plate position
Timing Advance
Transmission fluid temp
Vehicle speed


Click here to visit product website. Note: Some gauges not available. Please check vehicle compatibility with iDatalink.

Lancer: No more drone noise

This client of ours installed a new exhaust….He loves the new exhaust but hates the constant drone noise. We have a solution for this and its Sound deadening. It definately works!

Focal BAM installed in the trunk.

The trunk before sound deadening installed.

Focal BAM sound deadening installed on the floor under the rear seats

Floor before sound deadening installed

Jetta: Green Lantern

LED's shinning through the grill. Looks amazing at night.

Super bright green LED strip installed above the radiator.

Focal speakers installed in all doors. Perfect fit. Much better than the old ones.

Old speakers. Alpine is good but not that good. Focal; the spirit of sound!

Rear left compartment. Removed the OEM cd changer to fit the JL Audio 5 channel amplifier. 700W of true power!

Amp mounted on custom made panel. Looks like original.

Second battery installed in the trunk. Hidden below the amplifier.....only terminals visible.

A good spot to hide an amplifier. wasted space.

JL Audio Subwoofer installed below the spare tire. A stealthbox made from JL Audio that fits right in. Does not waste any space. 10" 500W subwoofer.

Sub fires downward and reflects off the tub base trunk. Gives off amazing bass.

Kenwood back up camera installed. Comes on the touch screen monitor, in the dash everytime the vehicle is put into reverse.