Carrera 4s: Porsche SQ Audio upgrade

In Canada we need good tunes winter or summer!

In Canada we need good tunes winter or summer!

Kenwood deck originally installed to test quality, then later upgraded to a double din for cosmetic purposes.

Kenwood deck originally installed to test quality, then later upgraded to a double din for cosmetic purposes.

Double din in a porsche is meant to be!

Double din in a porsche is meant to be!

Upgrade speakers, amplifier, head unit, and add subwoofers

Rewired the oem bose amplifier. Ran power for the new JL Audio XD series amplifier.

Removed the bose speakers and replaced it with Focal K2 Power components. 100KRS.

Built a low profile enclosure for two JL Audio 8W3v3 sub woofers. Just fits.

Enclosure mounted inside the vehicle behind rear seats. Does not waste any space. Looks original! Bass bounces off the rear glass into the cabin. No rattle! Sounds tight!

Nissan: FairLady Z

This beautiful project was done 4 years ago and still looks like it did 4 years back.

Our good friend Lucio Fratelli gave ULTRA some nice professional shots of his car. Here is his contact:

OEM look with no touch screen.

Kenwood double din screen installed.

5 channel amplifier installed in hidden compartment located behind the driver seat.

Focal K2 Power speakers installed front and rear.

JL Audio Stealthbox installed. A custom enclosure made to fit behind the driver and passenger seat without taking up any valuable space.

LAB: EVIL M3 custom audio setup

Richard’s Evil M3 from LUXURY AUTO BODY. One of the nicest m3′s around just got the nicest audio upgrade. Focal K2 Power speakers. JL Audio amplifiers and subwoofers. Definately a show stopper!

Richard and his pops at Megaspeed Custom Car Show showing off his ride. One of the few days he gets to enjoy some time off. Richard and his dad work very hard to drive such a beautiful car.

100% sealed. Fiberglass bottom tub to get maximum air volume for the subwoofers.

The skeleton of the fiberglass enclosure. Made for two JL Audio 10W3v3 and a CO2 tank for the track.

All wiring hidden. Alcohol injection hidden.

Painted by Rich himself. Owner of Luxury Auto Body. Immaculate Paint job!

Red LED accent lighting add a nice effect.

Kenwood double din installed. Heater controls moved down to make the touch screen fit.

Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2012. Evil m3….Red LED light glow looks like fire

WRX: Silver Subaru

Simple audio setup. Amazing sound stage.

Hole cut out and panel moulded into shap to fit the focal polyglass tweeter.

Focal tweeters installed below the OEM tweeter. The OEM tweeter pods are so small that nothing else fits. OEM tweeters still connected. The very small tweeters with the focal tweeters add a nice effect.

Door with no speaker.

Focal speakers installed in the door. Foam surround installed to keep the sound wave out of the door panel.

JL Audio XD600/6 installed behind the rear seat. No wires visible. Very small amp runs all speakers and a subwoofer.

Takes up very little space. Arm for trunk lid still able to move.

JL Audio 10W3v3 installed in the trunk. Custom fiberglass enclosure ordered to fit specifically for this vehicle and that size of subwoofer.

7″ Touch screen to replace the ugly OEM double din. The kenwood has a nice sleek design! This top model touch screen has a dedicated usb input, ipod input, aux input, video input, garmin navigation with nav traffic. 5v gold preouts, and 2 yearts warranty from kenwood excelon.

Chrysler 300: Heaven Sent

Chrysler 300 with an aggresive stance.

Kenwood Double din installed as well as blue lights under the dash.

Sound deadening removed from trunk lid to make a smooth and clean surface for the custom trunk panel with three screens.

All the trunk panels before upholstery.

Custom trunk setup wrapped in blue to match the interior. Enough room for the air tank.

Motor for compressor mounted on each side of the trunk.

Extra batteries installed under the floor panel. Wires cleaned up for the air suspension and hidden. Custom MDF enclosure built to spec for two JL Audio 12W6v2 subwoofers.

PS3 installed in the trunk. Can be played on the trunk screen or on the headrest screens. Thanks sony for wireless controllers!

Blue lighting. Tank installed. Screens mounted. Show stopper!

BimmerSport: Euro e36 M3

Double Din Kenwood installed in a single din opening. Heater controls relocated down below. A little modification required. Custom made trim panel made to make the Kenwood look 100%

White LED lighting under the dash. Focal Speakers used in the front and rear.

Gave this plexiglass panel that goes on the trunk lid to Luxury Auto Body to work his magic.

Some fiberglass and MDF custom trunk setup. Fits like a puzzle.

JL audio badge from the W6v2 driver. Adds a nice touch. Added some lighting under the badge to give it a 3D effect.

three JL AUDIO subwoofers. 300/4v2 for the mids and highs. 500/1v2 for the subwoofers. Two Kenwood 7" screens on the sides. Leatherette finish. Clean and classy install

Touch me: MR2

1992 Mr2 in mint condition. Except the audio!....especially when its about 20 years old. This Mr2 required a major over haul. New wires, speakers, deck, amplifier, sub woofer.

Kenwood Touch screen with bluetooth, capable of streaming nav and net flix from the iphone. Adding this head unit to the simple Mr2 dash brought the car up to date.

With the T tops off and the system playing over the wind noise definitely is a fun little car. The MR2 is truly ahead of its time!

Sweet Slushie: RSX

ULTRA Acura RSX type s. Complete audio setup. Pioneer in dash touch screen. High end Focal front 6.5" coaxial speakers. Kenwood eXcelon rear speakrs. JL audio 12W3V3 sub woofer.

Every RSX should have an In-dash touch screen gps, bluetooth with back up camera. It Looks amazing in the plain dash.

Focal badge on the door. Nice way to show off the speakers.

Focal Access 165ca1 coax spk installed to replace the factory bose speaker.

Original premium sound bose spk

A nice clean setup. Subwoofer always removable if cargo space is needed. Amplifiers installed on the back of the rear seats. Wiring run nice and neat.