Boom Box: xB

The guys over a Wacky Wings brought over their Scion XB to make it more appealing and at the same time make it sound good. Since this is going to be a promotional vehicle we are going to be installing a lot of lights. Strobe lights....under car lights...grill lights.

Installing strobe lights inside the headlights and tail lights require a lot of skill and some time. a heavy duty vacuum is required to suck out all the bits of plastic when drilling inside the casing of the headlight.

Two 12" JL Audio 12W1v2 Sub woofer enclosure. This is a good shallow sub woofer for a small setup.

2 tone custom finish. Trim panel being made to give it a finished built-in look

Custom sealed box built to sub woofer specification. "the box makes the sub"! Rounded edges. Material matched to the interior of the car. This is a perfect setup that is good for promotional and practical. Nice vehicle Wacky Wings!

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