Transformer Upgrade: Camaro

Brand new Chevy Camaro with headers and cat back exhaust. Sounds mean on the outside but can use a little spicing up on the inside. The Boston Acoustic manufacture stereo isn't cutting it. The simplest fix....change the speakers. even tho Boston Acoustic is a decent car audio manufacturer.....when it comes to OEM....a special line of speakers is developed from Boston to offer something on a budget but have the branding. We replaced these cheap Boston's with some high end focal speakers.

On the Left is the new Focal KR2 component speaker, on the right is the Boston Acoustic manufacturer speaker. As you can see the fancy Focal speaker on the left has a cast metal basket giving it a strong structure so it does not resonate.....just one of the many reasons that make this a MUCH better speaker.

Using the original speaker spacer the Focal KR2's are a perfect fit.


Looks the same......but definitely does not sound the same. Has a much warmer...softer sound.....with a good amount of volume. Removed the Boston badge on the speaker grill and replaced it with the Focal badge to give the new speakers credit.

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