Bimmer Sport: M coupe

Front monitor controls the rear monitor. Watch a dvd or play PS3 at the beach!

Paint done by Richard at LAB.

Custom enclosure secured proper for track use. LCD panel removed and blank plate made to cover the LCD mount.

finished setup. Bottle lighting up everything. pump under the bottle. Very cool...must see in person. Visit Bimmer Sport.

Design and performance at its best. The subwoofers are built to JL audio air volume spec even with the odd shaped trunk. Part of the enclosure sits over the rear hump taking the least amount of space.

Bimmer sport brought over this beautiful supercharged M coupe to the audio professionals for an upgrade. We have to incorporate the bottle and the pump in the custom trunk setup.

Door with sound deadening covering openings and insulating the door.

The door before sound deadening. Once the door is sealed...less road noise and mechanical noice from the window.

OEM speaker replaced with FOCAL K2 Power component set. Metal insulated. No un wanted vibrations here!

Kick speaker location. OEM speaker removed.

Accent lighting to show off the pedals. Double din Kenwood eXcelon touch screen used as the source.

Back up camera installed. Metal frame. LED's mounted in the frame. High pixel camera. Nice for the track.

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