SLK 320: Baby Benz

Custom painted fiberglass sub woofer enclosure with two 10" JL audio W6v2's. JL audio's special edition black slash amplifying the mids, highs, and subs. This Benz certainly rocks sunny or not!

Kenwood double din touch screen installed with gps and bluetooth into this mercedes benz.

The dash bezel needed to be modified to house a double din touch screen. As you can see its being reinforced with an aluminum frame. Some buttons relocated.

Boston acoustic speakers mounted into the center rear custom setup. It plays incredible mids and keeps the highs over the wind noise when the top is down going for a cruise.

benz rear speaker

two 5" speakers and an 8" hidden woofer getting custom made in between the seats

SLK 320 Hard top convertible in for a custom audio setup. Customer wants this vehicle to sound amazing regardless of the top open or closed. Custom trunk setup has accommodate folding roof in the trunk

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