X5: Sound Deadening + Sub

ULTRA AUTO SOUND gets "hands on" on a brand new X5. Needs more bass and less road noise.

Trunk floor before sound deadening was installed.

Sound deadening covering all open holes and making the sound solid with no vibrations.

Door panel before sound deadening was put on.

Focal sound deadening put on all four doors. Helps with vibrations and blocks road noise.

JL Audio amplifier installed below the stock amplifier. JL audio amplifier powering 600W RMS to the subwoofer

back left compartment for the amplifier location.

Bass knob added for the new JL AUDIO amplifier and subwoofer to adjust the bass volume to the desired level. Located to the left of the steering wheel away from back seat drivers! LOL

JL Audio stealthbox enslore built specifically for the x5

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