Scion xB: Evil xB Build

Our good friend from brought over his vehicle to build his evil project. So far its been one of the biggest attractions at Importfest and Ertefa.

Scion original door speakers about to be replaced

Focal speakers made to fit in scion pods. Bigger and better!

Focal sound deadening used to insulate the door panels from rattling. Focal K2 Power components installed front and back.

Evil Red Leds installed EVERYWHERE

Custom speaker pods made to hear mids and vocals when the trunk lid is open.

Custom vented enclosre for two JL Audio 12W3v3 subwoofers. Measure twice, cut and build once! Built exaclty to specification.

No gaps. Nice!

speaker pods and subwoofer enclosure moulded to the trunk

JL Audio HD amplifiers used in this build. PS3 also installed. Works well with the wireless controllers.

Screen installed to show of Jeremy’s video productions and when hes not working….watch deadmau5 live in concert! lol

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