Acura: NSX

A beautiful classic with a timeless shape. This classic is getting an audio upgrade. Kenwood double din. Focal PS130 premium component speakers. All done with class and integrity.

The stock deck in an Acura NSX is very out dated…..really can’t complain because its a 20 year classic. NSX owners were lucky to have cassette 20 years ago. A little modification is required on the bezel to fit our new up to date Kenwood that will play the ipod and usb sticks. It will also make the interior look 2012.

Test fitting the Kenwood Double Din

This is the enclosure for the speaker in the door. As you can see Acura did a premium sound system in their NSX….a nice ported enclosure for the stock bose 5.25″ speaker. Now ULTRA AUTO SOUND is going to do a speaker upgrade but keep the integrity of the speaker enclosure the same.

The new focal speakers fit nice in the speaker housing.

A little modification is done inside the dash to fit a larger deck.

Here you go. The finished product. Now the owner can enjoy his ride listening to great music!

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