Sound cannot be sold over the internet! All products ULTRA showcases in store requires “YOUR” ears for listening.  Good sound is a combination of quality matched components, personal preference and professional installation.

Here is some of the brands that you should get familiar with:

Focal – elite in music reproduction….the purest experience of euphoria, the spirit of sound.

Amplifiers – Speakers

Morel – innovation & design at its finest. Sound that turns feelings into colors, a drive into a journey. unleash the music


JL AUDIO – a name recognized all over the world, a brand loved by music enthusiasts, a speaker heard by millions, a movement seen by billions. A symbol of music ahead of the curve.

Amplifiers – Speakers – Subwoofers – Stealthboxes – Marine Audio

Kenwood – high quality components combined with the latest and greatest gadgets. Live connected drive connected.

CD Players – Multimedia Players – Navigation Systems

Clifford – no not the big red dog, but a security system that will protect your investment

Alarms – Remote Car Starts