Mitsubishi: Ertefa Show Car

One of the nicest eclipses gets a custom audio setup from ULTRA AUTO SOUND.

A great location for our amplifiers.

Custom board made to install amplifiers. This helps us avoid drilling or screwing anything into the vehicles metal.

All Speakers replaced with some high end Morels.

Fitting the MDF enclosure in the trunk over a huge hump in the trunk. Building it to fit over the hump saves lots of space as oppose to building around it.

Kenwood Double Din touch screen installed. Fits nice in the eclispe.

Mitsubishi Logo put into the design of the enclosure.

LAB: EVIL M3 custom audio setup

Richard’s Evil M3 from LUXURY AUTO BODY. One of the nicest m3’s around just got the nicest audio upgrade. Focal K2 Power speakers. JL Audio amplifiers and subwoofers. Definately a show stopper!

Richard and his pops at Megaspeed Custom Car Show showing off his ride. One of the few days he gets to enjoy some time off. Richard and his dad work very hard to drive such a beautiful car.

100% sealed. Fiberglass bottom tub to get maximum air volume for the subwoofers.

The skeleton of the fiberglass enclosure. Made for two JL Audio 10W3v3 and a CO2 tank for the track.

All wiring hidden. Alcohol injection hidden.

Painted by Rich himself. Owner of Luxury Auto Body. Immaculate Paint job!

Red LED accent lighting add a nice effect.

Kenwood double din installed. Heater controls moved down to make the touch screen fit.

Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2012. Evil m3….Red LED light glow looks like fire

X5: Sound Deadening + Sub

ULTRA AUTO SOUND gets "hands on" on a brand new X5. Needs more bass and less road noise.

Trunk floor before sound deadening was installed.

Sound deadening covering all open holes and making the sound solid with no vibrations.

Door panel before sound deadening was put on.

Focal sound deadening put on all four doors. Helps with vibrations and blocks road noise.

JL Audio amplifier installed below the stock amplifier. JL audio amplifier powering 600W RMS to the subwoofer

back left compartment for the amplifier location.

Bass knob added for the new JL AUDIO amplifier and subwoofer to adjust the bass volume to the desired level. Located to the left of the steering wheel away from back seat drivers! LOL

JL Audio stealthbox enslore built specifically for the x5