ULTRA Red Stang: Ford Mustang


coaxial speakers with an external adjustable crossover…thats Focal for you.

Speaker plate made to convert the 5×7 original speakers to a round speaker. Round is better than oval for quality.

All the liner removed to build the setup from ground up

All the liner removed to build the setup from ground up

Spare still accessible

Spare still accessible

Enclosures being wrapped in blk leatherette

Enclosures being wrapped in blk leatherette

Kenwood double din installed

Kenwood double din installed

Red lighting and the embossed mustang add a nice touch to this bold finish.

Red lighting and the embossed mustang add a nice touch to this bold finish.

Time to show it off!

Time to show it off!

Veloster: Raptor

This Veloster is in for a serious audio upgrade. Better bass, better imaging. Its all about quality.

Focal Polyglass component speakers installed.

Said working his Magic.

Building a custom enclosuer for two JL AUDIO 12W3v3 subwoofers. The cutom box is going to be sunk into the floor.

A trim panel is made to fit it edge to edge. No gaps, looks OEM.

The finished product.

JL Audio XD600/1 driving the subwoofers. Custom White LED lighting installed for a nice touch.

Two tone finish. Suede insert with a Leatherette trim. Looks classy and clean without breaking the bank.

Acura: Ertefa show car

Ertefa Acura TL custom audio done by ULTRA AUTO SOUND

The custom process begins……. Goal: no gaps, no leaks, symmetrical finish.

Custom fiberglass enclosure made for JL Audio 12W3v3 on both sides of the trunk.

Leatherette finish. Takes up wasted space. Looks OEM.

Bright white LED’s installed to show it off. A finsihed masterpiece by ULTRA AUTO SOUND

Sweet Slushie: RSX

ULTRA Acura RSX type s. Complete audio setup. Pioneer in dash touch screen. High end Focal front 6.5" coaxial speakers. Kenwood eXcelon rear speakrs. JL audio 12W3V3 sub woofer.

Every RSX should have an In-dash touch screen gps, bluetooth with back up camera. It Looks amazing in the plain dash.

Focal badge on the door. Nice way to show off the speakers.

Focal Access 165ca1 coax spk installed to replace the factory bose speaker.

Original premium sound bose spk

A nice clean setup. Subwoofer always removable if cargo space is needed. Amplifiers installed on the back of the rear seats. Wiring run nice and neat.

Toyota Yaris: Red Bull

two JL Audio HD amplifiers. Two 12" W3v3 Subwoofers. 24" LCD LED screen. ONE AWESOME install! LCD monitor removable for cargo. Best custom install in a Toyota!

Its amazing how we make something from nothing (wood and fibreglass). We shape MDF and fiberglass to fit into a trunk and make it into a show car.

The trunk is totally covered and ready to be glassed and shaped. The 1st step to a long process. End result.....priceless!