Cobra: Revival

WHAT NOT TO DO: Staple wires onto MDF board and hope you do not short it out.
ULTRA AUTO SOUND to the rescue!

WHAT NOT TO DO: screw into the battery and expect it to work.
ULTRA AUTO SOUND to the rescue!

WHAT NOT TO DO: Use one type of wire…then chop it off and use another type of wire because you don’t like the color. Use 0 AWG wire power and ground and twist and tape 4AWG wire to the 0AWG with no distribution block or solder. Use 20 different types of screws to mount custom panels.
ULTRA AUTO SOUND to the rescue!

WHAT NOT TO DO: Put the fuse box behind a glass window thats not accessible at all unless you take apart the whole custom trunk install to get to it.
ULTRA AUTO SOUND to the rescue!

No bass. hmmm lets check the fuse! o…sorry….can’t. 20 hrs later…O its not the fuse. hahaha
ULTRA AUTO SOUND to the rescue!

Starting from scratch. Ripped everything out. New wires to be used with proper connectors. This time the install is going to be logical!

Three kinetik batteries to sustain the powerful system. Pure Copper wires used. Batteries mounted with holders so they don’t rattle or move around.

Kenwood double din with a cache line driver to boost the bass signal.

Fixed! All done! Happy customer. A great acomplishment. Now the customer can enjoy the system. This customer is definately NOT going elsewhere. Sometimes price is not always the best option……the customer did not know about all the other problems until we opened it up. The reason they brought it to ULTRA is because the bass amp alway cut out…and the people that did the install could not fix it.
At ULTRA AUTO SOUND we do not take shortcuts!

At night with the Super Bright Red LEDs on.