Mitsubishi: Ertefa Show Car

One of the nicest eclipses gets a custom audio setup from ULTRA AUTO SOUND.

A great location for our amplifiers.

Custom board made to install amplifiers. This helps us avoid drilling or screwing anything into the vehicles metal.

All Speakers replaced with some high end Morels.

Fitting the MDF enclosure in the trunk over a huge hump in the trunk. Building it to fit over the hump saves lots of space as oppose to building around it.

Kenwood Double Din touch screen installed. Fits nice in the eclispe.

Mitsubishi Logo put into the design of the enclosure.

Lancer: No more drone noise

This client of ours installed a new exhaust….He loves the new exhaust but hates the constant drone noise. We have a solution for this and its Sound deadening. It definately works!

Focal BAM installed in the trunk.

The trunk before sound deadening installed.

Focal BAM sound deadening installed on the floor under the rear seats

Floor before sound deadening installed